2019 Community Care Campaign

Apply for West County Media’s 2019 Community Care Campaign!

West County Media 2019 Community Care Campaign

West County Media Cares About Community

That’s why we’re issuing an open invitation to all of the organizations who serve our local community to participate in West County Media’s 2019 Community Care Campaign!

One local organization will be selected from among all applicants by our team of local freelance professionals (ie. Creative Consultants) to receive West County Media’s Unmetered Agency Services for an entire year, and all other applicants will receive a promo code for a significant discount on West County Media services.

If selected West County Media will work directly with your community organization in 2019 to create and execute a professional campaign at cost to help grow your organization throughout the next year.

Please tell us as much as you can about your Community Organization (501c3, Non-Profit, Not-for-Profit, Charitable, etc.) and whether your organization is selected or not, all applicants will receive a valuable promo code for a discount on many of West County Media services.

Applications are being accepted now through November 30th
Update: We’ve extended the deadline to apply through December 7th — so apply below, and let’s grow together!

Please tell us the name of your organization
ie. www.MyOrganization.org -- If none, input: NONE
Director, Board Member, Assistant, Volunteer, etc.
Please enter the email you'd like us to use to communicate with you
Enter the best contact phone # for your organization's contact person listed above
Get creative and tell us all about what your organization does for our community!
Tell us (roughly) how many members your organization has